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I am Marcelo Beltrán Lorenzini, of Argentina Rosary, am grandson of Mario Lorenzini and am looking for all the possible connections of our ancestros. My grandfathers were born the 25 of February of 1900 in Staffolo, province of Ancona, Italy, are son of Mariano Lorenzini and Anna Marasca. Their brothers are Pierina, Aurelio, Humberto and Juan. This last, Juan, remained in Staffolo and what we know he is that Joana had a called daughter. Pierina, Aurelio, Humberto and Mario (my grandfathers) came approximately to Argentina between 1915 and 1918, and they settled in a small town called Villa Eloisa, province of Santa Fe Argentina. My grandfathers had 5 children, Celia, Osvaldo, Hugo, Nilda and Norma that are my mother. - I live near Villa Eloisa in the city of Rosary, and I would like to establish contact with other Lorenzini families and to contribute to reconstruct our roots. In the month and Julio of 2001 we were with my wife in New York, we visited the island by where entered the immigrants America and we have seen that it appears our Lorenzini last name in the walls that contain infinity of last names of immigrants. It wanted that we contact ourselves.


Marcelo C. Beltrán Lorenzini
(Message received March 8, 2002)



Il mio nome è Lucas Lorenzini e sono dell' Argentina, Chaco. Il motivo da cui scrivo voi, è per conoscere più dei miei " parenti ". I che sono discendente di Brescia. Il mio sogno, deve conoscere indirettamente il vostro paese, anche milioni di. Gradirei, chiacchierare con i vos. Il mio numero di ICQ è: 119765695 ed il mio senso del email, non sono da quale sto trasmettendo voi a questo un messaggio, ma: a o a buono, già sapete.
Un hug, Lucas

English translation via Babel:
My name is Lucas Lorenzini of Argentine, Chaco. The reason which I write you, is in order to know more of my relatives. That they are descendant of Brescia. My dream, is to know your country indirectly, also I would appreciate, to chat with you all. My number of ICQ is: 119765695 and my email, are not from which I am transmitting you to this a message, but: to or Good to know you all.

Lucas Lorenzini
(Message received February 25, 2002)


Hello Jeff:

I'm very glad to meet a Lorenzini's site. All I know about my family begin in 1887, when Cayetano Lorenzini came to Argentina with his wife, Dominga Fosile and their only child César Alberto Augusto Edviges Lorenzini (my grandfather), who was two years old then. Cayetano was born Lombardía and his wife Dominga in Toscana, where they lived when marriage. My grandfather César was born in Génova, because his parents were living circumstantially there, for work. I don't know if Cayetano left brother or other family in Italy when came to Argentina, and I would like to know if any of all the Lorenzini that visit the site could be a relative from my branch. All the Lorenzini alive, here in Argentina, are: my aunt María Paulina, her two daughters, Marta Beatriz and María Paulina; my brother Oscar Alberto and his son Diego and me, César Alberto, with my six sons, César Martín, Natalia, Lisandro, María Emilia, Ignacio and María Eugenia.
Congratulations to the web site, and waiting to find someone from my branch, yours faithfully

(Message received Nov. 29, 2000)

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