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Hello my name is Fabio lorenzini i was born in trieste, Italy in 1955 my
father's name is Gustone Lorenzini i have a wife Mary and 2 kids Annie and
Julian we currently live in Melbourne and would like to know more about our
family tree.

Fabio Lorenzini
(Message received August 28, 2001)


Dear Jeff,

We have just found you on the Internet. We are Lorensene was spelt Lorenzini back in Italy about 1860. We wish you all the best for their future. Our daughter Catherine was married two and a half years ago at St John Vianneys Church Mulgrave Victoria Australia. We are now proud grandparents of a baby daughter, Emily. We are interested in the family tree. Do you have any information on your tree?

All the best,

Robert and Ellen Lorensene, Mulgrave, Victoria Australia
(Message received May 11, 2000)



      My name is Robert Lorensene (Lorenzini). My branch of the Lorenzini's originated and still live in Teglio, Lombardia via Sondria. In February 1997 I visited them. My great grandfather Domenico came to Australia in 1861 and married in 1870. He was a charcoal burner and then a farmer. After coming to Australia his parents had another son also called Domenico. This started the family line of Domenico's one of whom I met. When Domenico(my great grandfather) came to Australia he couldn't read or write and his name was falsely interpreted as Lorensini.  My grandfather Jack changed the spelling of our name from Lorensini to Lorensene. We believe that he didn't want to be known as a foreigner. There are other suspected reasons. Hope to communicate with you soon. You may contact me via e-mail at .
Yours sincerely,

Robert Lorensene
(Message received January 2, 2000)



I discovered your home page while fiddling about the other night. My name is Fred Lorensini and I live in Australia but I come from a line of Lorenzini's (see below).

My simplified family tree looks like this:

Me: Fred Lorensini b Australia 28/10/1946, married Valerie Yeomans 5/4/1969

Father: Ernest Lorensini b Australia 20/9/1912, d Australia 14/10/1997, married Mary Robertson 11/5/1940

Grandfather: Andrew Lorensini b Australia 5/6/1871, d Australia 22/12/1925, married Violetta Platt 1894

G/Grandfather: Dominico Lorenzini b Teglio Italy 14/3(or) 5/1845, d Australia 29/10/1931, married Sarah Ann Buckle 27/9/1870

It would appear that Lorenzini became Lorensini somewhere between 1845 &
1871 (probably as the result of some illiterate immigration clerk). Each generation of the Lorens(z)ini's in the earlier days had a huge number of children. I have further information on various families if anyone out there is interested.

Also if there is any information regarding Domenico's family in Teglio I would be interested.


Fred Lorensini

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