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Hi Jeff,
My name is Liziane Lorenzini, I live in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
My grandfather is Alfredo Lorenzini of Lucca, Italy, it married with Delia Serafini and after married they came to Brazil. They had 4 children, Luciano, Alino, Loris and Enzo Lorenzini.
I have relatives in Italy, my father's cousins, but I also know that my grandfather had siblings that had left Italy like him and they went to Argentina, United States and Russia, but of these never again he had you inform.  My grandfather was the last brother and he was born in 1900.

Liziane Lorenzini
(Message received July 2, 2001)


Caro Jeff

Meu nome é Marcia Lorenzini, moro na cidade de itu, Sao Paulo, Brasil. Meu bisavô era Ulisses Lorenzini e minha bisavó Celesta Sasdelli. Vieram de Bologna, no navio Europa, com seus filhos Ersilia, Luigia e Domenico Lorenzini.  O passaporte deles é de 1891. Aqui no Brasil tiveram ainda mais três filhos Ricardo, Ulisses e Ernesta. Infelizmente os nomes foram modificados. Enviarei a voce a foto do Primeiro Encontro da Familia Lorenzini no Brasil, onde está a  maioria dos familiares.
Desculpe-me se não escrevo em italiano ou ingles. Mande notícias pois sempre que posso estou viajando a Europa e gostaria de conhece-los.
Dear Jeff:
My name is Marcia Lorenzini, I live in the city of Itu in Sao Paulo, Brazil. My great grandfather was Ulisses Lorenzini and my great grandmother Celesta Sasdelli. They came from Bologna, on the ship Europa with their children Ersilia, Luigia and Domenico Lorenzini. Their passport is from 1891. Here in Brazil they had three more children: Ricardo, Ulisses and Ernesta. Unhappily, the names were changed. I will send you a photo of the first Lorenzini Family Reunion in Brazil, where most of the relatives are.
Please excuse me if I don't write in Italian or English. Send me news because I'm always traveling to Europe and I would like to meet the family.

marcia lourencini
(Message received June 15, 2001)


Hey Jeff,
My name is Rodrigo Lorenzini, and i live in Brazil. i guess my great grandfather came to Brazil in the beginning of this century. my father's name is Elias, my grandfather is Francisco and my great grandfather Jacinto. i live in Florianopolis, south of brazil. all i know is that my grandfather left sao paulo and came to rio grande do sul to work on a construction of railway.

Rodrigo Macedo Lorenzini
(message received: Feb. 10th, 1999)


My name is Lorenzini, Alberto. I live in Brazil. My EMAIL is My grandfather Jose Lorenzini came fron Brasil in 1980(Treviso/Tirol).

Alberto Lorenzini


Jeff, Hi or Ciao!
We are Lorenzini too. We live in Brazil, South America. We found your site in internet, then we decided to talk to you. Sorry about my English, but here, we speak Portuguese, but we are trying ...

I'm Alessandra Nara Lorenzini, and my father's name is Aldo Joao Lorenzini. The name of my grandfather was Balduino Lorenzini. He was son of Alexandre Lorenzini. Alexandre Lorenzini was italian. I think that, he came to Brazil in 1890, with his two brothres: Giovani Lorenzini and Arcanjo Lorenzini. I think that too, they came from Vicenza, but I'm not sure. My father and my grandfather are brazilians.

We live in Cascavel city, in Parana, South of Brazil. There are many italians and his son, grandsons, etc. in this area of Brazil.

One day, who knows, perhaps we can known us.

Alessandra Lorenzini

uin (ICQ): 11667579


My name is Alexandre, my father Jose and my grandfather Gaspar. I live in Sao Paulo and my e-mail is


Alexandre Lorenzini

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