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my name is Lorenzini, Christophe, I live near Avignon (south of France) but my family lives in east of France (near Metz). I have my old family in Italy (Castelletto Ticcino near lake major in north Italy).
Can you give me more information about my family if you can.

Christophe Lorenzini

(Message received March 13, 2002)



je suis débutante sur le web et commê premiere recherche j ai décidé de taper mon nom de famille et je suis tombé sur votre site je m appelle Rachel Lorenzini , j ai 26 ans et je vis en france, dans l'est de la france mes grands parents venaient d ' italie de la region de Oudine( je ne suis pas sure de l 'orthographe) mon grand pere s'appelait Joseph Lorenzini

j aimerai avoir des renseignements sur vous et si vous avez des questions n 'hesitez pas a bientot


English translation via Babel:
Hello I am a beginner on the Web and for my first search I decided to type my surname and I found your site. My name is Rachel Lorenzini, I am 26 years old and I live in the east of France. My grandparents came from Italy from the area of Udine (I am not sure on the exact place). My grandfather was named Joseph Lorenzini. I would like to have information on you and if you have questions do not hesitate.

(Message received March 1, 2002)


Hello Jeff,

I found your site recently while surfing on the web. I tried to search about my family. My name is Maryline Lorenzini ; I have 2 brothers (Gérard and Didier). I live in France near Rouen. My father was born in France (east) as my grandfather came in France during the war. He was born in Italy near Napoli. I don't know if I am linked to your family, because I'm just seeking for more information's about my family in Italy.

I'll contact you as soon as I found solid elements about my family.

Ciao Maryline

Maryline Lorenzini
(Message received January 2, 2002)


Hi Jeff,

It is difficult for me to speak ( and more write) in English. So excuse me for the errors!  So, my name is Valérie Lorenzini, I live in France on the French Riviera (Cannes). My father is Ettoré Lorenzini, he live to Sarrebourg in Moselle(France). His father was Elio Lorenzini, a good friend from your father. I remember him when he is gone to meet Elio few years ago( a good time!) Ciao and at the next time. (I would try to send you some pictures.)

Valerie Lorenzini
(message received April 18, 2000)



hello. Bonjour de Marseille (France)

Franck Lorenzini

(Message received March 1, 2000)



I am part of the Lorenzini family from Montreuil, near Paris in France. 

I am now on the way to build our own Web site ( I am not a speciaist in HTML, Flash and so on. So don't hesitate, if you have a minute to give a glance on, to give me your feed back, or to send any icone, scripts or files I could implemente.


(Message received October 19, 1999)


Hello Jeff,

We were just about to create our family site when we discovered that already exists. What a fantastic surprise. Having looked at your map, I think we are really very very close from you as we came from Pinzano. We are a 6 children family :

My parents :
Jeannine Lorenzini (borned Begni, Italian name) and Ludovic Lorenzin borned in Pinzano 

My Grandparents were :
Giovani and Luigina Lorenzini. They migrated in France in the 20s. A part of the family went to France, the other part went to Roumania (we are still in touch with them).

Brothers and sisters :
Patrick Lorenzini 48
Ludovic Lorenzini 47
Ghislaine 45
Jannic 44
Eric 42
Frederic (myself) 38 (coming a bit later !!!)

I'm married to Anne (in fact Anne is writing the e-mail !). I have three children Lorenzo Ermegildo 11, Corentin Lucio 3, Emma Lucia 1

I'm journalist working in a French financial daily. My e-mail address is :, you can also reach my wife :

We hope to hear from you soon.

Frederic and Anne
(Message received December 24, 1998)


Hi, Jeff!

My name is Christophe Lorenzini and I live in the area of Metz, in eastern France, a region where many Lorenzinis emigrated in the 20s and the 30s. I suppose I'm not directly linked to your family, for my grandfather came from a village called Casteletto sopra Ticino, near the Maggiore Lake. His name was Silvio, he was born in 1900 and he came here via a short stay at Bellinzona in Switzerland.
I would be so grateful if a member of the "Lorenzini Diaspora" could give me any information on my family. Here is my e-mail:



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